General conditions


The mentioned price covers all normal charges including rent, heating and electricity.

Cleaning is not included, but can be arranged with the owner at the time of booking. If the apartment is not left clean, cost for cleaning will be deducted from the deposit.



Several requests can be handled at the same time. A reservation is only valid once the reservation deposit of 50% of the rental price (maximum €350) - a prepaid part of the rent - has been transferred to the owner‘s account. The rest of the rent is to be paid 2 weeks prior to the rental period.



All rentals start at 5 pm at the day of arrival, and ends at 10 am on the day of departure. The week runs from Saturday to Saturday (Special agreements can be made if the apartment is free before or after the booked week).

Keys are handed over /can be returned in the daytime from 8:00 to 22:00 (within the rental period stated above).

The keys to the apartment will be handed over when:
-  The apartment deposit of €400 has been paid and registered on the owner's bank account.
-  The full rent is balanced.

The apartment deposit will be returned to you within 2 weeks from departure.

Breakage of interior and equipment or extra cleaning charges will cause a deduction in the returned deposit.



In case of cancellation, whatever the reason, the paid rent will be left to the owner.

If the full rent is not paid in time, the reservation is considered to be cancelled.

Cancellation due to COVID-19

A cash refund is possible if one of the guests is currently sick with COVID-19. The following COVID-19 related circumstances are not covered, and cannot result in a cash refund: transportation disruptions and cancellations; travel advisories and restrictions; health advisories and quarantines; changes to applicable law; and other government mandates—like evacuation orders, border closures, prohibitions on short-term rentals, and shelter-in-place requirements. The standard cancellation policy will apply as usual (see paragraph above).

In case one of the guests is sick with COVID-19 prior to departure, the following is required in order to receive a refund:

  1. Names of all guests have been provided at the time of the reservation.

  2. A proof of COVID-19 is provided at the time of the cancellation.  

House rules
- Smoking is not allowed in the apartment
- No animals are allowed in the apartment
- No loud noise is allowed in the compound between 22:00 and 8:00